Our commitment to customers: to design and manufacture the MOST reliable, stable and safe RF power systems available, while providing the highest level of service.

Our Founder

Ted Johnson founded Comdel in 1966. Ted has been the driving force at Comdel since the early days of the Semiconductor Industry. As a result of Ted’s exemplary management style Comdel boasts of its long term employee loyalty by retaining many employees for 30 years or more. Prior to starting Comdel, he worked as an engineer for IBM in the Federal Systems Division, and for AVCO and the National Radio Company. Ted has over 45 years of experience in RF technology and a degree from Northeastern University in electrical engineering. As the former President of Comdel, Ted maintains an integral role in Comdel’s management team as Chief Technology Officer where he will continue to be a mentor and resource of knowledge while overseeing New Product Development.

Our Company

Founded in 1966, Comdel, headquartered in Gloucester, Massachusetts, designs and manufactures RF and DC power supplies and process instruments for the semiconductor, thin film, photovoltaics, flat panel, and industrial heating industries. Products include RF generators, DC generators, impedence matching networks, multi-channel synthesizers and electrostatic chuck power supplies that are in use worldwide by the industry's major equipment and IC fabrication manufacturers. For over 40 years, Comdel has grown with the demand for reliable RF power. Located in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility, the company has all the components and the best available technology necessary to support its customer base. With flexible power delivery solutions, the broadest frequency ranges available, rapid prototyping, product certification and safety compliance, Comdel provides responsive support and product solutions from its offices in the US, Europe and Asia. Comdel has extensive in house capabilities to rapidly produce prototype units for customer evaluation.

History of Innovation

Comdel's focus at its inception in 1966 was to design and manufacture low-noise, long-range radio communications equipment for the U.S. Military. Throughout the 1960s and into the 1980s, in addition to contracting with the U.S. Army and Navy, Comdel began to establish itself in the commercial market with a variety of communications and industrial production products for companies like GE.

In 1981, the first solid-state RF generators were designed for plasma applications, planting Comdel firmly as one of the top suppliers of RF power systems in the market. In 1990, Comdel designed the industry's first RF control system and Power Detector. Other industry firsts would be achieved in 1994 with the first microprocessor controlled hybrid, high power RF generator, and again in 1997 with the first dual frequency generator, providing the ultimate in versatility and control.

Today, Comdel continues to provide customers with creative, stable, and reliable solutions for their process needs. Our suite of RF power supplies comes complete with patented S-Technology for process stability. Comdel innovation allows greater cost cutting production capability.