Case Study: Semiconductor

Customized XP Comdel RF Products Accelerate Time-to-Market and Assure Production Quality


An international semiconductor chip manufacturer was developing two new PECVD systems and it was essential that they acquire customized RF Power supplies quickly, as they were operating under a very tight deadline.


The company had two critical projects that required fast delivery of high performance power sources. XP Comdel’s global support team did an on-site evaluation and, working with American-based XP Comdel engineers, customized existing products in a timely manner. The first project was a new PECVD system, 300 MM, dual chamber cluster tool used for semiconductor device manufacturing. Designed from concept to hardware by the company’s president, this PECVD cluster tool (1-3 twin chambers) required radio frequencies (RF) of 13.56 MHz and 350-450 KHZ. The second project was for a PECVD single chamber tool with an RF requirement of 13.56 MHz and 350-450 KHz.

XP Comdel Approach

It was critical to meet launch deadline for the 300 mm PECVD systems, so XP Comdel recommended their CX2500/CLX1000 RF generator and CPMX-2500/FMN8-5 MATCHPRO matching network designed to maximize the power transfer to a wide range of load impedances. A standard XP Comdel CPMX-2500 HF impendence matching network was ideal for the 13.56 MHz and required no modification or calibration in the field. XP Comdel supported all development of the RF equipment, providing dual RF frequencies and matching networks with RF filtering.

XP Comdel modified existing RFG supporting custom interface with both analog and Device Net communications, customized RF filter, and customized RF matching. Factory engineering supported the field team step-by-step during the development phase.

For the second project, a single chamber PECVD, XP Comdel supplied its CDX2000 RF generator and CPMX2500, and anLMN8-5 matching network. No standard LF matching network was commercially available for this application. XP Comdel created a test plan and provided new LF equipment for engineers at XP Comdel China who were previously given access to the chamber and were able to obtain preliminary impedance data. This allowed the new equipment to be optimally designed for the application.


XP Comdel’s approach to creating customized RF products from existing standards reduces risks and ensures reduced time to market, and minimizes product costs. This flexible approach helped the customer meet their deadline, reduce costs related to their RF requirements, and obtain custom RF match using XP Comdel products for both frequencies. The XP Comdel international field team provided local support with RF testing and diagnostics XP Comdel U.S. factory engineers customized the products to specifically meet this customer’s equipment requirements.



Semiconductor Device Manufacturing, Thin Film Equipment



“Because we were able to start with XP Comdel from the beginning, the end results provided use of standard RF products with unique customization at minimal cost and risk to both parties – a win-win for all.”

- Vice President of Engineering


  • Increased productivity and throughput
  • Improved quality of thin film
  • Eliminated downtime
  • Met production deadlines

XP Comdel Products Used for this Solution


CDX2000 Dual Frequency RF Generator

The CDX dual frequency RF generator comes in a 1200 or 2000 watt design. The high frequency (HF) section of the CDX provides 600 or 1000 watts of power, with optional frequencies from 2 to 60 MHz. The low frequency (LF) section can deliver 600 or 1000 watts, with optional fixed or variable frequencies ranging from 20 kHz up to 60 MHz.


CLX1000 Low Frequency RF Generator

The CLX series low frequency RF power supplies are available in power ranges from 600 to 12,000 Watts with fixed frequencies from 20 kHz to 2 MHz, and frequency agile capability up to 10% bandwidth. The solid-state design provides low cost of ownership with high reliability.


CX2500 High Frequency RF Power Supply

The CX2500 features fixed frequencies from 2 MHz to 30 MHz, and frequency agile capability up to 10% bandwidth around a center frequency. The solid-state design provides low cost of ownership with high reliability.

CPMX2500 Match Pro Impedance Matching Network

Every Match Pro system is engineered with XP Comdel’s unique PROTRAK, a high-speed tuning algorithm that gradually slows the system as it approaches the tuning point, allowing a precise match even in high “Q” loads. This proportional control circuitry illustrates the critical difference between XP Comdel’s Match Pro and other matching networks. The Match Pro adjusts input impedance to 50 Ohms quickly, accurately and dependably--in response to the changes in load characteristics during your process.

The Match Pro series of matching networks are manufactured at power levels ranging from 25 to 80,000 watts.