CX Series High Frequency RF Power Supplies

CX Series

The CX platform has proven to be the benchmark in the semiconductor industry for value and reliability. These high frequency (HF) generators operate at a single frequency from 3.39MHz to 30MHz. A frequency agile option allows fast frequency tuning in a range +/-10% of the center frequency.

The unsurpassed MTBF of the CX series brings the cost of ownership to a very low level. These generators were the first to incorporate XP Comdel’s patented “S” technology in power amplifier design.  This design enhances system stability and increases the life of the RF delivery system.


The CX high frequency series is available at 10 kW for frequencies 3.39 to 20 and 8kWfor frequencies above 20-Mhz to 30Mhz, and frequency agile capability up to 10% bandwidth. The CX series provides precise, repeatable power control with ultra-stable output. The solid-state design provides low cost of ownership with high reliability.

Model Name

CX 10K

Output Power / Frequency
2MHz - 30MHz

7"H x 19"W x 24"D
(17.8cm x 48.3cm x 61cm)


120 lbs.
(54.4 kg)

Harmonic Output

< 50dBc @ 10MHz+

Spurious Output

< 50dBc @ 10MHz+

AM/FM Noise (@50kHz Offset)

< 40dBc

  • Patented S-Technology provides ultra-stable output. This stabilizing technology optimizes amplifier performance, reducing power-gain changes caused by plasma impedance fluctuations.
  • ETL Marked for product safety and SEMI F47 compliant
  • Standard RS-232 and analog/digital control
  • Active front panel with full controls and programmable microprocessor

The CX series is designed to meet the performance demand in RF-driven plasma systems for semiconductor processing. Applications include etch, ICP, RF sputtering, and PECVD, as well as induction and dielectric heating processes in industrial systems, and solar photovoltaic applications.

  • Frequency: Any fixed frequency from 2 to 30 MHz
  • Frequency stability: +/- 0.005%
  • Load impedance: 50 Ohms nominal
  • Analog power command: 0-10 VDC or 0-5 VDC for 0 to maximum output
  • Standard available output connector:LC or 7/16
  • Line regulation: 1% for +/- 10% line
  • Load regulation: 3% from 10-100% setpoint before SWR foldback
  • Power control linearity: Better than 2% of setting at power levels above 10% of rated power
  • Power readback vs. actual: Within 2%
  • Wide range of AC input line voltages available
  • Turbotune Technology providing unique frequency tuning
  • Master/Slave operation
  • DeviceNet