Dielectric Heating

The loads of dielectric heating processes require optimized RF power levels with on-demand frequency and accurate power control for improved process control.

Our comprehensive portfolio of RF power solutions serve as critical components in a variety of manufacturing applications by providing:

  • Precise RF control regulated on any measurable process variable including: temperature, frequency, voltage, current, etc.
  • Rapid response to fluctuating power demands
  • Flexibility to adapt to cutting-edge manufacturing practices
  • Ability to retrofit into older production methods
  • High quality, stable and repeatable power
  • Frequency Tuning available to rapidly tune to changing loads
  • Arc Shutdown to prevent tooling and product damage


RF heating is used with conventional baking ovens to remove the final moisture of partially dried bakery products, such as breakfast cereals, crackers, biscuits and sponge cake, as well as to increase the production capacity of existing baking ovens. Bakers use RF to better control the final moisture content of their products, to reduce checking problems, to increase productivity and to improve product quality.

XP Comdel offers precise power control in a wide range of frequencies


Radio frequency (RF) cooking is a form of dielectric heating in which products are heated by subjecting them to an alternatingelectromagnetic field between two parallel electrodes. Although similar in some respects to Microwave heating, RF technology has been proposed to be more suitable for industrial heating of meats because of the greater uniformity of heating, the greater penetration depths it achieves and the decreased need for shielding.


XP Comdel offers precise power control in a wide range of frequencies:


High frequency drying is an efficient process for the removal of moisture from textiles, lumber and plywood. It is also used in the wood industry for embossing, forming or laminating to fiberboard for OSB and chip board curing and for curing glue to accelerate drying time.

XP Comdel offers precise power control in a wide range of frequencies.


Glass Lamination
Radio-frequency dielectric heating to directly heat the polymer interlayers that are used to laminate glass for automotive windshields, hurricane e glass, safety glass, solar panels, and transparent armor. The direct heating virtually eliminates provides an energy savings of 90% over other methods.

Wood Lamination
XP Comdel offers precise power control in a wide range of frequencies.