Induction Heating

Our comprehensive portfolio of RF power solutions serve as critical components in a variety of manufacturing applications by providing:

  • Precise RF control regulated on any measurable process variable including: temperature, frequency, voltage, current, etc.
  • Rapid response to fluctuating power demands
  • Flexibility to adapt to cutting-edge manufacturing
  • Ability to retrofit into older production methods
  • High quality, stable and repeatable power
  • Frequency tuning available to rapidly tune to changing load.

Metal Hardening and Tempering

The induction hardening and tempering processes lowers costs, increases production, enhances quality control and improves the environment of the workplace. Since heat is generated within the component, the heat is confined to selected area and allows control of heated depth, time, power and temperature. The process is energy efficient, repeatable and easily fits into existing product lines.

XP Comdel offers a wide range of power supplies from 20KHz to 80MHz, and 200W to 80KW.