Management Team


Scott Johnson, President

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson has over 30 years of experience working in the RF manufacturing industry. He has worked in all aspects of Comdel’s business for over 30 years. Scott holds a BA from Harvard in Applied Science, an MSEE from Northeastern and an MBA from Bentley College.

Glenn Chapman, RF Engineer

Glenn Chapman
RF Engineering Manager

Glenn Chapman has worked on several projects and product designs during his 30 year career with Comdel. He was an associate engineer during the development work of some of the first solid state RF power supplies that were used in the semiconductor fabrication industry. He designed and built the first matching networks produced by Comdel. Currently he is a design and application engineer focused on matching networks. He is involved in work on the standard product line as well as assisting customers with custom applications. Glenn is the top in the industry for matching complex loads. Glenn earned his BSEE from the University of Lowell.

John Morin, Sr. Electrical Engineer

John Morin
Operations Manager

John Morin has been involved in the industry for over 25 years. Since joining Comdel in 1994 he has developed a controller for an ultrasonic welding application as well as high power amplifiers 15-80 kW @2.00-81.36MHz. Prior to Comdel, John was an engineer at Dynatech Scientific where he developed instruments to measure thermal and physical properties of materials. John is currently responsible for the firmware development for Comdel products and assisting customers with custom applications. John earned his BSEE from Northeastern University.