Ted Johnson

Ted Johnson founded Comdel in 1966 and has been the president of Comdel since its inception. Prior to starting Comdel, he worked as an engineer for IBM in the Federal Systems Division, and for AVCO and the National Radio Company. Ted has over 45 years of experience in RF technology and a degree from Northeastern University in electrical engineering.

Scott Johnson
Sr. Vice President

Scott Johnson has 25 years experience working in the RF manufacturing industry. He started out with Comdel as an RF design engineer, and as senior VP has responsibility for the operations of the company. Scott holds a BS from Harvard, MSEE from Northeastern and an MBA from Bentley College.

Dan Brown
VP, West Coast Operations

Dan Brown, vice president of west coast operations, joined Comdel in 1993 as a regional sales manager and applications engineer. He started in the semiconductor equipment industry in 1983 as an electrical engineer for Technics Inc. During his tenure with the company, he was promoted to chief engineer responsible for electrical, mechanical, and software design and later became vice president of operations.

Jim Usher
Director of Business Development

Jim Usher was appointed as director of business development in September of 2003. He brings more than 20 years of sales and technical experience in DC and RF power supplies within the semiconductor industry. Previously, he served as president and chief operating officer of Busch Semiconductor Vacuum Group, Inc., and spent 13 years with Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. holding positions including business unit director, director of worldwide sales, and managing director for the company's German and UK subsidiaries. He holds a degree in Arts and Science from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Denver.

Paul Rummel
Sr. Design Engineer

Paul Rummel has been involved in RF design applications to the semiconductor industry for over 25 years. He came to Comdel in 1989, and currently oversees the design and development of Comdel products for military and commercial markets. Prior to Comdel, Paul was an engineer for Information Transfer Industrial (ITI) and Tegal Corp. He earned his BS in electrical engineering at California Polytechnic State University and his MS in electrical engineering at Michigan State University.

Robert Dettorre
Regulatory Compliance Manager &
Electronic Design Engineer

Robert Dettorre took on his dual roles as electronic design engineer, specializing in DC power supplies, and regulatory compliance manager when he began his career with Comdel in 1994. Prior to his employment with Comdel, he worked for 11 years as an electrical engineer for Kaiser Systems, Inc. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in electrical engineering.

Doug Whynot
Quality Engineering Manager

Doug Whynot provides Comdel with more than 30 years of engineering experience in product development, Manufacturing and Test Engineering, and process development for commercial, medical and defense applications, with additional background in AS9100 and ISO 9001. Prior positions have included Principal Engineer at Textron Defense Systems for Lasers and Pulse Power systems, Senior Solutions Architect for World Wide Tech Services and Applications Engineer for Intel Architectures. He also holds certifications in Energy Systems design and is an alternative energy specialist. In his current role at Comdel, he is responsible for the management of customer quality standards, internal, external and ISO quality systems, continuous process improvement, and customer satisfaction. Mr. Whynot has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University.


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