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XDC 1000
DC Power Supply

Reliable DC Power in a Compact,
Lightweight Design

XDC 1000 generator

The high-quality design of Comdel's XDC 1000 assures ultra reliability, while the small size fits easily into your system. What's more, with the XDC's flexible options and controls, you don't need to purchase a new power supply every time you make a change in your system. Current and voltage control capabilities are standard with each supply.

Comdel's XDC is the ideal supply for reactive PVD sputtering, DC Bias and hard-coating applications.


  • Compact, lightweight, 3 1/2" rack-mount DC generator
  • Accurate output control by voltage or current
  • Self-limiting circuitry that eliminates short-circuit failures
  • Low stored energy that reduces arc damage
  • Front Panel, continuously variable control of output voltage and current
  • Calculated MTBF: 30,000 hrs. minimum


  • Wide range of input and output voltages available (Input: 90-132V or 180-252V; Output: up to 3000V)
  • Arc protection circuitry

Electrical Input:

  • AC input voltage: 90-132VAC or 180-252VAC; 50/60 Hz
  • AC input current: 12.5A @ 115VAC; 6.25A @ 230VAC

Electrical Output:

  • Output power: 1000 watts DC continuous
  • Output voltage: up to 3 kV available (positive or negative)
  • Output ripple: £ 1% p-p maximum (lower value available on request)
  • Voltage regulation: 0.1% no load to full load for full-line input range
  • Current control regulation: 0.1% over full-line input range
  • Output voltage accuracy: 0.1% full scale
  • Polarities: Positive or negative polarities available

General Specifications:

  • Mounting: Standard 19" EIA rack mount with 3.5" front panel; front panel attached flush with bottom of power supply chassis
  • Output connections: Terminal blocks 100-500 version >500V = MHV connector
  • Cooling: Forced air
  • Operating ambient temperatures/humidity: 0 to 40 degrees C, 10-80% humidity, non-condensing
  • Size: 3.5"H x 19"W x 17"D (9cm x 48.3cm x 43.2cm)
  • Weight: 18 lbs. (8 kg)

Protection and Control:

  • Continuous overvoltage and overcurrent limits
  • Thermal over-temperature protection
  • Output power connection safety interlock
  • Optional arc protection circuitry

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