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Comdel RF & DC Power Supplies

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Single Frequency RF Power Supplies

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Dual Frequency RF Power Supplies

The CDX dual frequency power supply comes in a 1000 or 2000 Watt design. The high frequency (HF) section provides 600 or 1000 Watts of power, with optional frequencies from 2 to 60 MHz. The low frequency (LF) section can deliver 600 or 1000 Watts, with optional fixed or variable frequencies ranging from 20 kHz to 13.56 MHz.

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DC Generators

The XDC generators provide reliable DC power in a compact, lightweight design

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ESC Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies

These compact, lightweight ESC power supplies come complete with NRTL product safety marks, CE certification, built-in RF filters for device protection and unsurpassed clamping for electrostatic wafer processing applications.

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Multi Channel Synthesizer Modules

The VF series multi channel synthesizer modules provide phase adjustable output to avoid destructive arcing and cross-talk in multiple cathode plasma processing chambers.

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Match Pro Impedance Matching Networks

The Match Pro adjusts input impedance to 50 ohms quickly, accurately and dependably--in response to the changes in load characteristics during your process.

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Match Pro Impedance Matching Networks

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